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Last Updated December 2021
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Meyer’s Gazetteer
Villages, towns and cities of the Deutsche Reich (German Empire), 1871 – 1918, described and located on a historical and current map.
Family Search
Church and civil records of present and past Germany, the U.S. and worldwide. Research Wiki. Community Group Germany offers free help with documents. Registration required.
World’s largest online family history resource, records and family trees. Various subscriptions.
(Verein für Computer-genealogie)
Large society in Germany with databases for current as well as former Germany. GOV for locations, GEDBAS for surnames, OFB both online and in print, and more. Free.
Catholic Church records of Austria, Germany, Lux., Slovenia and more. A zoomable map or search box leads quickly to the available records. Free.
Evangelisch (Protestant) church records held by the Evangelische Landeskirchen of Germany and more. Various subscriptions. Browse for a particular parish without a subscription.
Locations of municipalities in the former eastern provinces of Brandenburg, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, West and East Prussia, including historical information.
German-English and English-German translations.  
German Municipalities
(see description)
Current German municipal websites. History, civil and church contacts, pictures. Add .de to city or village name. e.g.
German genealogy societies around the world and their resources