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Beginner's Guide to Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Edition
by Lois H. Edwards
book cover, Beginner's GuideThis is a hands-on guide for beginning and intermediate Germanic-genealogy research. This 100-page guide for beginning Germanic-genealogy research includes six worksheets to guide your research, a clear goal, and easy-to-read essays on 39 essential topics. This low-cost guide will save you time and frustration as you proceed. It also includes worksheets to direct your research and easy-to-read essays on essential topics. Tour the book through the Table of Contents and download a PDF file of the six BGGG Worksheets.
It Provides It Includes
  • A Clear Goal for Your Research Activity
  • A Step-by-Step Process
  • Essential Information
  • Clear, Concise Essays on Key Topics
  • How-to Information for Major Steps
  • Worksheets to Direct Your Research
  • A Checklist to Help You Stay Focused on Your Research Goal
  • Print and Internet Resources
  • Direction for Further Information
  • Identifying Your Immigrant Ancestors
  • German Personal Names
  • Finding the Place of Origin
  • Geography and History of German Lands
  • Emigration and Immigration
  • German Language for Genealogy
  • Gothic Script and Print
  • German Church Records
  • German Civil Vital Records
Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns, 3rd Edition
By Edward R, Brandt, Ph.D., Mary Sutter Bellingham, Kent Cutkomp, Kermit Frye, Patricia Adams Lowe, and Paul Sternberg.
                                                      SORRY, THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER IN STOCK
Book cover, Germanic GenealogyA comprehensive 660 page resource book for Germanic family-history researchers. It's written and published by GGS with a lay-flat binding. This third edition is highly recommended by librarians and researchers alike. Tour the book through the Table of Contents.
What's New What's Included
  • Resources for Specific Regions of Germany
  • New material for Eastern Europe
  • Detailed Information for Specific Area of Canada
  • How To Information for Major Steps
  • Updated and New Maps
  • Expanded and Revised Information for over 90 Countries
  • Many Websites for Internet Research
  • How to Get Started on Your German Research
  • How to Find Your Ancestor's Place of Origin
  • Country-by-Country Guides to Resources Germanic History, History of the region, geography
  • List of Societies, Publishers, Booksellers, Periodicals and Archives
  • Large Bibliography with Annotations and Extensive Index
  • German Language Genealogical Terms
  • German script, Church and Civil Records

Germanic Genealogy Journal
Germanic Genealogy JournalA highly regarded 56-page semi-annual journal sent to GGS members.  The articles, often written by GGS members, focus on a variety of topics including: research strategies, summaries of GGS presentations, reports on genealogical travel, book reviews, historical information and member's success stories.  
Members have access to past issues in the Members Area section. Here is a sample issue of the Journal, and you can also view the list of Journal articles by Subject and the:
  • Index is searchable use Ctrl-F.
  • Index is by topic and then chronological by volume:number:page.
  • Articles are referenced by volume:number:page
  • Articles in Gleanings refer to other periodicals in the Society's Library Holdings.
Submissions are encouraged. Send a draft of your article to the Journal Editor or see our Contact Us page for our Web Contact form addressed to the Journal Editor.
Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes: An Introduction and Register
by Thomas K. Edlund
book, Die AhnenstammkartieThis index to the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie [German Central Office for Genealogy] collection of family histories of Germanic and Central European people begun in  1922. The collection includes Ahnentafeln [pedigree charts] and family group records, and an Ahnenstammkartei [Card index] of 2.7 million names. This book helps you locate the correct microfilm to find your surnames within the Ahnenstammkartei [card index].  It is paperbound, perfect binding and 133 pages.
Note: we are closing out this item - only one remains in stock.

Saint Wenceslaus and Czech National Cemetery Inventory - New Prague, Minnesota
Saint Wenceslaus and Czech National Cemetery Inventory - New Prague, MinnesotaThis book is the Catholic St Wenceslaus and the Protestant Czech National Cemetery containing German Bohemian Burials. This is a Paper bound book of 185 pages completed in 2001.

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