Germanic Genealogy Society


Our goal is to find and understand our German ancestors. We support the process of research through in-person educational programs, events and conferences, webinars, monthly e-news, the GGS Journal, participation in IGGP, other projects, and this site.

Members can receive 1-hour of free assistance from our research volunteers. Log-in to the Members Area and submit your request to the appropriate Regional Researcher; or, email us at with your question.

Non-members can receive 1-hour of assistance at a fee of $20. Go to our Store, choose Research Time and use PayPal / credit card to complete your purchase. To mail us your request for research assistance, send it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

GGS Research Request
PO Box 16312
St. Paul, MN 55116-0312

Our Library collection at Concordia College in St. Paul is open to all, but is non-circulating. Go to Concordia's OneSearch or Our Collection Catalog for books, journals, and maps.

If you are unable to visit the library and wish to make a request for a search there, the request may be submitted by email or post as above and it will be forwarded to the Library committee.

Please search one of the catalogs first to find out about our holdings and request searches of specific resources rather than general queries. Note: The library has very few vital records or other resources for searching individuals.

Go to Library for further directions and information.

Research Resources

Some of the many valuable resources we offer are: