Germanic Genealogy Society
What is it?
  • The International German Genealogy Partnership is the new name adopted by members of a new and rapidly growing global organization known since its founding less than two years ago as the German-American Genealogical Partnership.
  • News release about the name change
  • A growing collection of societies and organizations interested in working together to help every society make connections with their Germanic family wherever they are found.
  • Currently it over 100 partners, with others in the process of joining. List of current partners.
  • One of the greatest needs for ethnic genealogy societies is to make connections with the ancestral home.  This can be a daunting task without assistance.  Partnering with societies all over the world can help all of our members to find willing volunteers to assist them in their research.
  • Together, we can do great things.  We have come up with several common projects to work on together.  The largest one is the International Germanic Genealogy Conference that will be held in Minnesota in July 2017.
  • Who can join?  This is a partnership at the organizational level, and not for individuals.  Our common goal is to make each organization stronger by working together.   We encourage organizations to get their members involved in the community projects.
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