Brandenburg is one of Germany's sixteen Bundesländers. Historically, Brandenburg was a quasi-independent country and the core of the unified German state. It contained the future German capital Berlin and since 1618 both Brandenburg and Prussia, then Brandenburg-Prussia, were ruled by Hohenzollern dukes and later kings of Prussia. The Frankish Nuremberg, Ansbach and southern German Hohenzollern and the eastern European connections of Berlin and the prince-elector together were instrumental in the rise of that state. Brandenburg is situated entirely in territory of Germania recorded by Tacitus in 98 AD. By 600 first groups of Slavic people arrived. In 948 Emperor Otto I the Great established German control over the now largely Slavic inhabitants of the area and founded the dioceses of Havelberg and Brandenburg; he died in 983. In the great uprising in 983 the Slavs wiped out German control from the territory of present day Brandenburg. The monasteries were buried, priests and Germans officials killed or expelled. The Slavic tribes living east of Elbe remained independent and pagan for the next 150 years.
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The New Palace at Potsdam – photo by Paul Sternberg

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Maps Showing the districts of Berlin 1738 to 1999 Detailed 1809 map

Description: Historical map of Provinz Brandenburg
Source: Bibliothek allgemeinen und praktischen Wissens für Militäranwärter Band I, 1905 / Deutsches Verlaghaus Bong & Co Berlin * Leipzig * Wien * Stuttgart

Archives and Records
Archives for Brandenburg are located at Berlin, Potsdam and Posen/Poznan. For addresses and contents see:
Check out the LDS site for your village. As always, check on towns around your village in case your village was too small to have its own church. (Emigration Records) Brandenburg as a surname, message board.

The GGS collection of Germanic Genealogy Books at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN has 10 books specifically on Brandenburg genealogy, of those 10 books 7 are in German. Check the Library webpage for further information.

Brandenburg Records Kirchenbucher, Kirchenbuch-Duplikate, and Standesamtsregister Churchbooks, churchbook duplicates, and civil registers), compiled by Georg Griineberg Druckerei & Verlag, G. Griineberg, Finkenbergstr. 6, 19309 Lenzen (Elbe), Germany, Fax 038792/13 31. 304 pages of inventory listings, including a map of areas covered in a hardbound book.
The ISBN 3-9803515-3-X. Reviewed by Marjorie Beiser. This book covers the inventory list of records and where they can be found for the former Brandenburg Kreise (districts) of Konigsberg Neumark, Soldin, Landsberg, Arnswalde, Friedeberg Neumark, Oststernberg, Weststernberg, Crossen, Ziillichau-Schwiebus,. Guben (which is my research area), and Sorau (east of Neisse), Schwerin, Meseritz, and Bomst (in Posen). It was updated in 1998.


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