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Regional Information

If you have an interest in a specific geographic region, you are invited to phone or write to one of the Regional Resource Contacts for personalized help. The Contacts are listed under the Member Link. You must be logged in for this link to work.

These experienced GGS members have volunteered to answer questions about researching in a specific region. Their names, email addresses and or phone numbers are also listed in each issue of our Germanic Genealogy Journal. 
At the moment, the following regions are open for a Contact: Bavaria, Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. If you are able to help with a region, or have any other question, please contact us at

Links to information on the following regions are found here:

Bavaria Berlin Brandenburg Bremen East Prussia Hamburg Hohenzollern
Luxembourg Mecklenburg Pomerania Posen Saxony Schleswig-Holstein Silesia
West Prussia            
(Further regions to be added.)

The following section lists the regions where articles are needed to describe the region. Click on the above regions for examples of articles.

Alsace-Lorraine Anhalt Baden Birkenfeld Brunswick East Friesland Hanover
Hesse Lauenburg Lübeck Nassau Oldenburg Palatinate  
Schaumburg-Lippe Thuringia Waldeck Westphalia Wuerttemberg