Germanic Genealogy Society

Michael Lacopo meeting

Germanic Genealogy Society
2017 Spring Meeting
Saturday, March 25, 2017
At  Normandale Community College, Fine Arts Building - Lorenz Auditorium,
Room F1265
Dr. Michael D. Lacopo
8:30 am                Registration
9:00 am                Announcements & Introductions 
9:15 am                The German Immigrant Experience in the 18th Century
Many of us have German immigrants into Pennsylvania, but few of us fully understand what it meant to our ancestors.This lecture provides basic knowledge of the sociology behind the immigration experience.
10:50 am              I’ve Had My DNA Tested….Now What?
Many genealogists beginning to navigate the fantastic world of DNA are often put off by results that do not mean much to them.
How do you read the results? What do they mean? How do you make DNA a valuable tool in your researcher’s tool box?
12 noon                Box Lunch 
1:30 pm                Deconstructing Your Family Tree: Re-evaluating the “Evidence”
When information passed on from researcher to researcher doesn’t "add up," it's time to tear down the walls and rebuild anew. This methodology lecture shows how erroneous conclusions can sneak into our research uncontested. This lecture is pertinent especially today with so many Internet family trees that get cut and pasted into our own research.
 Methodology using case studies
• Very pertinent and amusing anecdotes to illustrate the various ways in which “facts” are not necessarily true – from clerical errors, bad memory, fraudulent research and just plain old-fashioned bad research
3:00 pm                How to Overcome Brick Wall Problems in Pennsylvania German Research
Several case studies will be presented showing lesser-utilized research tactics, repositories and resources used to find information about our German-speaking ancestors in Pennsylvania.
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