Germanic Genealogy Society

Call For Presentations

The German-American Genealogical Partnership (GAGP)
announces a call for presentations for its inaugural conference:
2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference
                                                                 Connections: International. Cultural. Personal.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in launching the GAGP premier International Germanic Genealogy Conference to be held July 28 and 29, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN, hosted by the Germanic Genealogy Society.
GAGP is a growing partnership of international genealogical societies and organizations who are interested in collaborating to help further all members’ family history research with respect to their ethnic German roots.
The GAGP Conference will offer four tracks:
Beginner Track – intro to US research, US sources, gothic script, gazetteers, church/civil records
Advanced Track – migration, history, researching in Germany and other ancestral homelands
Technology Track – websites, software, DNA
Specialized Track – Pomeranian, Ostfriesen, Palatinate, Bohemian research; German occupations; etc.
Presentation topics should be primarily related to genealogy and history of the Germanic people and lands, including, but not limited to, subjects pertaining to these four tracks and the conference theme. Individuals, co‐speakers, or panels of three or more are invited to submit presentation proposals.
Speakers may submit up to six presentations for consideration. GAGP Conference presentations will be 60 minutes in length, including any question and answer session.
Click on the Submission Portal found near the bottom to enter your presentations.
Speaker Policy/Compensation Details
  • Honorarium of $100.00 per presentation for an individual speaker, with a $50.00 incentive for meeting all syllabus requirements by the deadline of April 30, 2017.
  • Hotel accommodations and travel allowance as outlined below for individual speakers residing more than 50 miles from Conference location.
  • No hotel or travel expense compensation for local speakers (living within 50 miles of Minneapolis). If chosen for 3 or more presentations, consideration for one night of hotel expense will be given.
  • Travel by air for individual speakers compensated at $125 per presentation, for flight only, up to but not exceeding lowest coach airfare. International speaker travel considered on a case‐by‐case basis.
  • Travel by car for individual speakers compensated at 54 cents per mile, not to exceed the per‐presentation travel allowance and not to exceed the lowest airfare available to and from the same location.
  • No payment for car rental, parking expenses (parking is free at the Conference site/hotel), or ground transportation to and from the airport.
  • One night hotel for individual speaker accommodation per presentation with a three ‐ night cap. GAGP will not pay for expenses charged to hotel room, such as room service, minibar, laundry service, valet parking, etc.
  • Expense allowance for individual speakers will be a flat rate of $50 per day for each day a presentation is made.
  • Individual speakers will receive a complimentary full conference registration. Admission to additional ticketed events, if available, may be purchased by the speakers.
  • Co-speakers will split honorarium, syllabus incentive, hotel, travel, and expense allowance. Each will receive a complimentary full conference registration. Admission to additional ticketed events, if available, may be purchased by the speakers.
  • Members of a Panel Discussion (three or more) will receive $50 each and complimentary conference registration for the day of the panel discussion. Admission to additional ticketed events, if available, may be purchased by the speakers.
Organizations, businesses, and Genealogical Societies are encouraged to sponsor speakers for presentations and events. Sponsored speakers are expected to adhere to all GAGP Conference speaker deadlines and syllabus requirements. For information and sponsored speaker submission form,contact Sponsor Committee Chair, Bill Cole, at
Speakers will provide a detailed, high quality, camera-ready syllabus in the format requested (more details will be provided in the speaker acceptance agreement), a high quality 60-minute electronic presentation, and assistance in promoting the GAGP Conference.
GAGP will provide projectors for PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, required cabling connections per speaker acceptance agreement, cart or table, power strip, lectern, and microphone. Tech support will be available at all times.
Deadline for submissions was July 31, 2016 and is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted proposals. The submissions are being reviewed by the conference speaker committee.

For submission assistance, contact
Conference speakers will be selected by the GAGP Speaker Committee with approval from the Conference Executive Committee.
Speakers will be notified of selection on or before September 30, 2016. Speaker acceptance agreements and syllabus requirements will be sent with selection notification.